Dr. Sanchez!

Song of the moment: Love It When You Call The Feeling

In case anyone out there in internetland reading this didn’t already know… I love the rain. More than words can adequately express, actually. So today, when it was gray and chilly and drizzling all day… I was overwhelmingly happy. Despite everything.

The everything to despite (I don’t even know if that phrase makes sense, but I like it), of course, is silly. And after thinking it over a bit, I think my worries and irritations are mostly misplaced. As Sean said today, we are usually more honest when drunk. That’s why we regret phone calls and AIM chats, because we say things we wouldn’t say normally (but still mean). So the fact that anything happened at all proves that there’s still potential there. Sometimes, he’s my voice of reason. Thank god for that, as I can be really dumb.

I am slowly rediscovering my overpowering hatred of punk music. Well, 90% of it. Sorry, but there’s a genre that just sets my teeth on edge. Which is pretty funny, considering the guy I like is big into the punk scene. Punk and ska… I like more ska than punk, but it’s still low on my musical genre favorites. I’m a jazz, classical, indie, and folk girl (with the odd bit of crap pop and techno thrown in).

Then again, Paul and I don’t really have that much in common. Which is an interesting change of pace for me. Usually, I fall for people very similar to myself. Probably because of my rampant narcissism. But not this time. I’m a nerdy gamer chick with a propensity for reading poetry and walking in the rain. He is a punk boy with an eye for film and a love of offbeat bands I neither know nor like (mostly). We’re such different people. I think that’s what makes this fun. Where’s the joy in being with myself? When I’m alone with my thoughts, I get introspective and depressed. Why would I want that in a relationship? Seems unhealthy.

Grix and I have decided to go to a concert at Mac’s Bar on Sunday. We both knew the band Mustard Plug, which is headlining, so we figured it would be fun. First, however, we decided to do a little research into the bands playing alongside them. And this is how I discovered Treehouse Rivals.

This is the story of how I fell in love with a silly ska band. See above for why this is amusing. I’m now super excited to go on Sunday. This will be the highlight of my week. Listen to the awesome (and enjoy the Pokemon):

Now, for something we’ve all been expecting: my routine WoW update. I dinged 47 on my main yesterday and was feeling pretty good. Played a bit on my primary alt, but it’s not that much fun, since I was hoping to quest with Sean and Amanda, but they leveled too fast for me (fucking three times experience cheaters). But, like I said, I was doing pretty well.

Then Sean asked me what I’d spec’d my character for. My response? *blank stare* I thought, for some weird reason, you could only spec casters. I thought he was going to kill me. I hadn’t been using my talent points this whole time. This was a ridiculous, amateur, dumbass move. I was properly chastised (I still feel ashamed), but I’m now all set. And he taught me how to get the action bars I’ve been jealous of on his screen.

I also remembered, however, that Sean is a terrible person to show gaming weakness to. He is kind of a jackass. Treats you like crap. He does, however, eventually show you what’s up. So, as long as I can swallow my pride, I know he can get me what I want.

The “swallowing pride” bit is very difficult.

Bonus link of the day: Go, bees! GO!

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