Dolphins Are Just Gay Sharks

Song of the moment: Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby Counting Crows

Today, I stared at the widget that tells me where people click to my blog from. And much to my surprise, a certain someone’s Facebook page was the link. Here’s a hint: the page was not mine. Which leads me to wonder many things. Was he the one to click to this? Does he actually read this insipid piece of crap? And more importantly… how the hell does my blog link from his page?!


Also, a nod in the direction of Joe, who I recently found out wandered through some of my recent blog posts. It was good talking with you again, sir.

I don’t know what to say about today. It was a fairly ordinary sort of day. Nothing too spectacular. Dinged 50 in WoW. Oh, you can see my character info here. Too bad you can’t see a picture of her.

Spent tonight in what appeared to be some weird bunker (but is actually a small room in the basement of Phillips) with Cricket and Chrissy, talking about life. We debated whether people were complete amalgams of other people, or whether there was some small bit that was unique (the part I like to think of as “the soul”). There was no consensus. There usually isn’t, when you are talking about things like that. You are left with more questions than answers.

Like watching an episode of “Lost,” really, just without the desire to gouge out your eyes and get an hour of your life back.

Bonus link of the day: I hate when men turn me into that.

2 responses to “Dolphins Are Just Gay Sharks

  1. i am not him, although he is a really big friend of mine. i just like reading peoples blogs, tells me about what really makes em click, and its really interesting when i know the person who wrote the blog too…

  2. You don’t even know who I’m talking about, haha. It could be any one of a number of people. Plenty of folks get to my blog via Facebook every day. 😉

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