Clean, Simple, Devious. I Like It.

Song of the moment: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Mari Wilson

Studying sucks. I may enjoy history, but I enjoy it on my terms. Namely, when I feel like reading about it. And not when I’m having to memorize fucking names and dates. Reason number 246 that I’m not a History major- it requires too much of my poor memory.

So, I’m taking a brief study break to play Starcraft. Because I finally got a working copy on my computer. I swear I heard angels singing when I got it to start up. It is amazing.

I’m nervous about the Slingshot show… namely, that I won’t get to go. Because Bambach’s class conflicts with the show, he’s no longer able to go. And he was our ride. So, it’s my job to convince Grix that her and I still need to go. …And Ben, apparently. He must really want to see this show, if he’s willing to subject himself to me and Grix for an evening.

I’m going back to playing Coupling in the background while I study. Oh fucking joy.

Bonus link of the day: Mmm… Hugh Laurie with his actual British accent.

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