We’re More Than This Song Could Ever Say

Song of the moment: All of Slingshot Dakota‘s songs on loop… though that should go without saying

I’m going to record everything I can remember about tonight, because I don’t want to forget it. Ever. Not that I’m in any danger of that, really.

Grix and I (yes, just us- we sadly lost Ben this afternoon… damn professors, being assholes) left here at roughly 5:30, with disturbingly accurate directions. So, we managed to get into Grand Rapids with absolutely no problem. Finding the DAAC was a little tricky. It’s this tiny little venue in the middle of downtown GR (which, incidentally, is adorable), and we passed it once. Thankfully, I spotted it on the second go-round.

So, we parked, tossing the small amount of change we had in the meter, planning on getting more after buying drinks for the show. We then popped over to the DAAC to see what was going on (namely, if the show had started yet). The place was pretty bare, and none of the bands seemed to be there. We stood outside, smoking a cigarette and talking, when…

Up drives a silver van. A silver van I recognized immediately. It was Slingshot Dakota’s van. And I pretty much melted into the ground right there. This was it. I was really going to see them live. It was the culmination of years of loving them. Carly and Tom got out of the van, and I just started grinning.

And I haven’t stopped since.

We went inside and got a spot along the wall. Some kid named Sam who looked/acted exactly like Kevin was opening. I can’t say I enjoyed his performance, but it didn’t matter, because I was standing right next to Tom and Carly. I figured that was enough. I was within touching distance. That was in-and-of-itself amazing.

But the night got better.

Grix and I popped out to find a place that would sell us a Coke. We ended up in this shady little liquor store, where we managed to procure our beverages. Then, we headed back to the show.

Slingshot was setting up when we arrived. We positioned ourselves close to the performance area. Grix went to the bathroom, and while she was there, some giant douchebag stood directly in front of me. I was furious. He was a big fucking guy. Couldn’t he have at least stood along the wall? Have some courtesy, man.

The show itself was goddamn amazing. While Tom was getting ready, Carly played some TV theme songs and such on her keyboard. At one point, she launched into The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Field theme. I could’ve kissed the woman. Talented, nerdy, attractive? I basically became a lesbian tonight. But just for her.

They began their set. And that’s when I realized that Tom drums in just his boxer briefs. I love that man. Music + acknowledgment of the stupidity of pants = perfect. They were so fucking good. I bounced around and sang along and enjoyed myself more than I have in months. I had to keep peeping around Giant Asshole in order to see both of them, but it was okay, because we were right there with them- Slingshot is big on intimacy in their shows.

After it was all over (no Knights of Nine or Friday Afternoon, sadly, but I’ll survive), Grix turns to me and tells me she loved them. That made me happy, as I wasn’t sure if they were her scene or not. So, we wandered over to their merch area while the next band set up. Grix wanted to buy a CD, so Carly fished them out. The three of us started chatting, with Carly asking us where we were from (and being totally amazed that I was a fan and from Wyoming) and our names and everything. After Grix bought her CD, Carly looks at me and says, “I’m so glad you came to the show. Here.” She fishes around in a box again and pulls out another copy of their latest CD. “Take it. Please.” And then she hugged me.

That’s right. Carly Comando hugged me. I was euphoric. Grix and I had to step out to put more money in the meter (now that we had change), and on our way out, Carly says, “Oh no, are you leaving? You should stay! Native is a great band, and we’ll be hanging around here!” We assured her we’d be right back, then headed out.

I practically danced down the street. Grix just laughed at me and said she didn’t realize how much this show meant to me. I was (and remain) happier than a bird with a french fry.

When we got back, Native was getting ready to play. They are pretty decent live, but I wouldn’t buy their albums. Still, I was so happy that I bounced and danced to their odd rhythms. And after it was over, Grix and I decided to head out.

But on our way, Grix got into a conversation with the guy she’d been checking out all night. So, instead of disturbing her, I went back and told Tom how great it was that he stopped in the middle of the show to talk about sexual abuse/violence, because it was an important topic and it was nice to see the real passions in their lives. He thanked me, saying they’d gotten a lot of shit for doing this during their shows on this tour, and then he hugged me. Holy god.

I went back to get Grix, and we both swung by the merch table again to say goodbye to Carly. She hugged us both again, told me to message her on Twitter, then called a goodbye to us both as we went out the door. Using our names.

Best. Night. Ever.

Bonus link of the day: I need this. Yesterday.

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