It’s Like System Restore, But For People

Song of the moment: Knights of Nine Slingshot Dakota

Uh… today was interesting, I suppose. I got very little sleep last night, because I was still jazzed after the show (understandably) and was talking with Ben and Floyd all night. Yes, you heard those names correctly. Strange, no?

Took a nap after class today, setting my alarm for 2. Woke up at 2:30, realized I needed to shower and change for Ryan’s project. Ended up being late to that, but it didn’t matter… he made me a hero character anyway. Which was moderately depressing, as I wanted to be a zombie. Oh well. My weapon (because I wasn’t prepared to be a hero) ended up being a wooden doorstop. I was like a fucked up, confused Buffy. Basically, I was the useless chick.

After the shoot (which was fun as shit, by the by), we all decided to drink and hang out at Sean’s apartment. It ended up being a very interesting group of people. We had super drunk Improv freshmen girls (who I dealt with briefly, then stopped caring about, because I’m an asshole), and then us old folks. I spent most of the night playing card games with Bromley, Ben, Falk, McGee, Stauff, and Cricket. It was pretty sweet, not gonna lie. Except for the booze, which was terrible. Once I burned through my good beer, I was stuck with Franzia and Real Beer (as we’ve taken to calling it, which is really glorified piss-water). True, I wasn’t paying for the booze, but I still hated myself every moment I was drinking it.

Yes, in case you were paying attention, it seems Ben and I are in a friendly way again. It surprised the shit out of me, but it wasn’t a bad thing. It’s nice to have his friendship back. I missed his silly emo ass.

Stauff got drunk as shit, so I escorted him home. Falk came along… I think she assumed I was going to walk back home with her, but I wasn’t quite ready to head back to the apartment. As I told Sean, I walk home alone every fucking night. Amanda can do it now and again. It won’t hurt her. She chose to live out there with me. He told me to stop being so aggressive/defensive and that some people aren’t as comfortable walking that far alone at night. I told him she’s no different than me, no more likely to get raped or anything, and that she should’ve thought of that before she moved in with me. I have no fucking sympathy for her. Sorry if I sound like a douchebag, but I don’t feel Sean should hold fucking Amanda in a different regard than me. I’m just as likely to get killed or raped or harassed as her. In fact, I’ve been harassed walking home way more than her (namely because I go home more than once a week), but I still do it. Because I made that decision. And so did she. If Sean is really concerned about it, he can walk her home.

Or she could start carrying a knife. That’s usually what I do.

Bonus link of the day: This is way more awesome than the official iPod battery chargers.

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