A Life of Quiet Desperation

Song of the moment: Stuff Your Ballot Box The Two Man Gentlemen Band

To this day, I do not understand why people get so revved up over football (myself included… often leading the pack). You don’t really see the same kind of fervor, noise, and intensity in fans of other sports. But there’s just something about football that rips that competitive spirit out of you, forces you to scream and cuss like a sailor, and makes your heart race in a manner irritatingly similar to spending time with the boy you like.

Or maybe that’s just me, and I project onto other people.

Either way, I finally got to watch a Broncos game last night. And god, was it good. I mean, it wasn’t a particularly great game of football (and when did we become a consistent second-half team?), but it was fantastic to actually get to watch a team I give a shit about play. I mean, MSU is all fine and dandy, and I like seeing them win (namely so the drunks are happy and not belligerent when I walk home that night), but I don’t really have a vested interest in them. But the Broncos? I’ve been following them forever. There are pictures of me when I was only one or two, wearing a little Broncos outfit (my dad tried to fix this by putting me in Steelers garb immediately after, but I was already corrupted by the blue and orange).

Anyway, my team is sitting at 6-0 and our playoff chances are looking solid (considering the AFC West seems to be a pile of shit this year). I’d love to see us in a Superbowl again. *dreams wistfully*

I finally started seriously reading Runaways last night… and promptly got hooked. I’ve been waiting to read it until I’d thoroughly forgotten any spoilers Paul and Sean may have leaked when they were doing their best impressions of fangirls when we’d go out to smoke at the end of the summer. It’s a surprisingly good read, even though I’ve never been a huge fan of superhero comics. Reminds me of an adolescent version of Heroes.

Oh, so I no longer get internet in my apartment. Apparently, while I was sleeping on Sunday, someone locked one of the open wifi connections… and the other one vanished into the aether. Which really sucks balls, let me tell you.

Bonus link of the day: I typically hate YTMNDs (you would too, if Hersey and Dubuque used to do nothing but watch them… and send them to you… all the damn time), but everything’s better with the Bowie.

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