Wil Wheaton Gets… DAMMIT

Song of the moment: Do You Wanna Date My Avatar (Acoustic Version) Various performers at W00tstock

Last night, I dreamed that Jonathan Coulton performed at MSU. Namely, that he performed for the RCAH and the ROIAL Players. It was set in this auditorium that reminded me of a modified version of the one from my high school. Anyway, I was apparently responsible for getting Jonathan there (which isn’t a huge surprise, knowing me), and I was also working tech/backup on his show, so I was onstage with him for most of it.

At one point, I trip and fall on the stage (this dream was a disturbingly accurate portrayal of me…), and when Jonathan bends down to help me up, I ask him if he’ll sing the Wil Wheaton version of My Monkey. He says how he was gonna play another song, but since I’ve been so awesome, he’ll play what I want.

I wander into the audience and take a seat on an abandoned couch on the far left of the auditorium (still pretty near the stage). I’m watching Jonathan get set up when I hear a male voice ask me if he can sit down. I gesture for him to do so, then I take a look at him.

It was Wil Wheaton.

We start chatting amiably, when our legs kind of brush against each other. He grins lasciviously, then puts his hand on my thigh. I call him a dork, and we both laugh. In the dream, I’m aware that we both know he’s married and that he’s going to stay faithful to his wife, so we settle back for some harmless flirting. He ends up laying across my lap, much the same as Ben did on my birthday last year. We kind of snuggled (Wil and I, not Ben and I… wait… okay, both, but we’re more concerned with Wil right now) and whispered through Jonathan singing the song. It was awesome

Anyway, in real life, I have a coffee date thing with a kid from Doctor Who Club… the very same guy who I was making fun of a few days ago for his Facebook statuses about his recent breakup. I don’t know if he’s just suddenly interested in friendship, or if he’s rebounding, but I figured I’d humor the boy with coffee. After all, it’s just coffee.

Bonus link of the day: Creepy stories in time for Halloween. I really enjoy this site.

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