The Sad, Sad Tale of the Hatemunk

Song of the moment: Re: Your Brains Jonathan Coulton (I really can’t stop listening to him this last week or so)

Okay, time for the promised Sunday-descriptor post. Lord, this is gonna be long… maybe. And I’m going to come across sounding like a douchebag in a few places. Namely because I am a douchebag.

So, after getting back home Saturday night, I passed out for five hours. After which I bounced up, fully awake and pissed off because I was awake. I was supposed to get more than five hours of sleep to help prepare me for the rest of the week, dammit. So, I read for a bit, then forced myself to go back to sleep until 2 or so.

At this point, I drag my ass out of bed and take a shower. When I get back to my room, I have a missed call from Doctor Who Boy (I don’t feel like using his real name when I refer to him). We had to reschedule coffee. Whatever. I went to Barnes & Noble and happily spent some time there, then headed over to Espresso a bit early to relax and read.

Eventually, DWB (shortened, because I’m lazy) arrived. I really can’t get over how much he reminds me of Joe J., so that was disconcerting. Plus, I discovered about halfway through the evening that he saw this as a “date,” whereas I saw it as “coffee.” There’s a major difference. We chatted for a few hours over coffee, then he invited me to the arcade to play pool.

I had no acceptable excuse not to, so I went. I flirted ridiculously (out of boredom… I have a bad habit of doing that) during the games. As Chrissy said later, if there’s one thing women have learned from television, it’s how to be sexy while playing pool. And I used every trick in the book. And it worked. Probably too well.

We went for a walk afterwards, and I eventually said I had to go to Improv… because otherwise, he wouldn’t have ever left. Anyway, I figured I was done with DWB for the night.

I was wrong. Upon leaving Improv and getting online, he immediately IMs me, saying he had a great time, blah blah blah. I don’t know. I am loathe to immediately rule anything out here, but that’s mostly because I know I could get this guy with an ease bordering on boring. Hell, I’ve already got him in my back pocket. But (and here comes the douchebag part… remember, I have my shallow moments) he’s just not attractive to me, and he’s shorter than me. I can imagine tons of other guys touching me, kissing me, what-have-you… not this kid. Also, he’s needy and clingy. I can tell that already. It just seems like a bad combo. He may be nice and funny, but there’s too much additional crap floating around to make this a good idea.

So yeah… that’s that.

Eventually, I went over to Chrissy’s, where we watched Zombie Strippers again and talked for a bit. It was cool. Then, I headed for home, swinging by the dorms on my way to say hello to Squeaks.

I went in the Snyder ramp because I couldn’t remember which lobby Sean had, but I knew Paul was working the ramp. I chatted with Paul for a little bit (goddamn it all, there’s someone who I am totally attracted to, in every way), then went to visit Sean. I found Squeaks in Phillips, chilling with Dave. We watched clips from The Daily Show for a while, and I was way-laid so long it just seemed silly to leave before 7 (because at 7, I could con a cig out of Sean).

So, at 7 in the morning, Sean, Paul, Dave, and I stood outside, smoking and talking. I felt like one of the guys, though Paul never seems to acknowledge me as such. Whenever he and I are around other guys, I become a non-entity. I’m not an equal in the conversation. It’s maddening.

Anyway, Dave and I ended up walking home together, since we both live down Abbott. It was sweet, because Dave lives so much further than I and could’ve just taken the bus. But it was a great walk. I miss seeing Dave around. He’s a great guy.

So yeah… that was my Sunday. Maybe not that exciting, but I spent a lot of time with a bunch of guys. I’m such a slut.

Bonus link of the day: Felicia Day in a NASA promotional video. It’s pretty amusing.

3 responses to “The Sad, Sad Tale of the Hatemunk

  1. man dont flirt if you dont want anything. it fucks up men. we get cognitive dissonance. i am serious. its pretty bad. its like men being really nice and calling a girl and suddenly stop doing it. sends bad signs. you are gonna chill with lucifer miss

  2. i read stormfront and i disagree with it but i find it entertaining. do i have to agree with everything

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