Like a Pudding-Bag Full of Knives

Song of the moment: King of Pain Alanis Morissette

Well, I officially clarified my “just friends” position with DWB today. He IMed me tonight, long after the actual club meeting (that I, as per usual, didn’t attend). He was saying how he missed me and stuff. I tried to let him down easily, but there’s really no good way to do that (or, at least, I haven’t discovered it yet). I used the “I’m interested in someone else” line, which isn’t a complete lie. I’m very relieved that the truth is now out in the open. I don’t have to spend my time worrying what my words are being interpreted to mean in the context of a lovesick fool.

Quite frankly, I’m considering making this blog thing private again. Having it public seems to cause more harm than good. This is really just for me. It doesn’t concern anyone else. Besides, I’ve acquired some readers recently that are causing me problems.

It was a no homework night (huzzah!), so I spent it curled up sans pants on my bed, reading the archives of Girl Genius and drinking a Guinness.

It was a good night.

Also… what type of zombie should I be for Halloween? A zombie bride? Zombie prom-goer? Zombie member of Team Rocket? Zombie gangster? I’m now accepting suggestions. Or begging for them, rather. I really can’t decide. If you see me in the next few days, drop me your ideas, if you have any.

Bonus link of the day: I love Danbo.

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