Sam: Lord of the Interwebs

Song of the moment: Twilight Serenade Jason Myles Goss

In life, you can choose to get upset over the lies people spread about you, or you can just laugh them off. The rumormill keeps on cranking stories out, but they die quickly if you don’t give them a foundation.

I discovered today that there’s a rumor buzzing around the freshmen circles that Stauff and I are fuckbuddies. Of course, the sheer ridiculosity (yep, that’s a word now) caused me to laugh out loud when I first heard it. It’s far from the truth. Still, I calmly did some subtle damage control and took care of the problem, because I knew it would bother Stauff if it got big. Of course, then I told him about it, because it was still fucking hilarious. He didn’t laugh as much as I did, but I talked and teased until he seemed to realize it wasn’t that big a deal.

Personally, I’m flattered the freshmen think I could net an attractive man like Chris, but that’s just my own vanity acting up and DEAR GOD I DID IT AGAIN. For the last week, I find myself interchanging “Chris” for “Stauff” nearly 40% of the time. This is unsettling. He’s never been Chris to me.

I blame the Ginger.

But yeah… the reason I found out about the rumor was actually as a sidenote to the main tale, wherein one of the freshmen girls has a crush on Stauff. I’m discouraging her, because seriously, she doesn’t stand a chance. She’s currently managing to drive poor, calm, usually collected Chris up the fucking wall. I feel bad for the guy.

Besides, we all know I’m an expert at destroying people’s relationship hopes. Look at earlier this week. I’m on a fucking roll, baby!

Oh, and I finally figured out my Halloween costume(s) for this weekend. My zombie outfit is ready to go, but I also have a spare costume, in case I end up at a party. One never knows, right?

Bonus link of the day: A comic about being self-centered seems fitting, since this blog is just narcissistic masturbation.

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