Skullfucking and Moustache Rides Doth Maketh Halloween Grand

Song of the moment: Hall of the Mountain King Apocalyptica

Gah, long time, no post. This is for multiple reasons, the primary being that it was Halloween weekend and I was partying harder than I’ve partied in ages. So, let’s catch up on what’s going on in the life of Sam, shall we?


This is actually difficult, because I feel something of import happened on Thursday, but I can’t remember it. It’s been too long and there’s been too much alcohol and insanity between then and now. So it goes.

After Improv, I crashed Swartz’s rehearsal again (I needed to see them off book), where after a series of spectacular line drops (kids really need to learn their damn lines)… I whipped out the old FAIL card. It felt like coming home.

Anyway, we get out of there late and decide to head over to Grix’s party. Let’s see… Thursday night was pirate night for me. And I broke my own goddamn rule for it- I wore leggings as pants. I figure, since it was a costume and not actual clothing, I will forgive myself for the offense.

When we arrived, the apartment was fucking packed. I don’t do well at those kinds of parties, so I was getting super uncomfortable. Went outside for a bit to smoke and breathe properly (strange how I listed those things together…), then headed back in. After a little bit, the place cleared out nicely, and we started playing beer pong for the hell of it.

Thursday night, I was the fucking queen of beer pong. I am never terribly good at the game (mediocre, perhaps, but not good), but on Thursday, I was nigh unstoppable. Dave and I teamed up and cleaned the floor with everyone who stood against us. Then we played each other. I won the first game, but Dave took the next two (though, technically he tricked me into a 2 out of 3 situation, so I maintain I was really undefeated in the games that matter). It was awesome.

Went back to Sean’s, where him and Amanda got into a fucking domestic squabble. Yeah, they’ve taken to airing their dirty laundry in public now. It’s so fun for those of us around them, let me tell you.

Finally, at around 7 or 8, I had to call it a night. Dave walked me home again (what a gentleman), and I passed out sometime around 9:30.


Wake up at 3, thinking I slept forever. My body, on the other hand, realized the paltry 5 1/2 hours wasn’t really what it wanted. Too bad, bitch, I had places to be.

Headed onto campus, where, for the first time in over two weeks… I played WoW. That’s correct, darlings, my WoW account is now all fixed up and operational once more. And there was no damage to my character or anything. Life is great.

So yeah, then there was the super special Chicago Improv rehearsal, then it was time to go to Meijer to procure the fixins for fake blood. Did that, then headed over to Dave’s party.

Costume on Friday was a sexy librarian (namely, I didn’t really have a third costume, since I hadn’t planned on attending a party on Friday until Thursday night, when Dave made me promise I’d be there). It was another good party, though at this one, I got ridiculously drunk. Fucking jungle juice. That’s why I don’t drink it. That, and I don’t care for fruity alcoholic beverages. Oh well, it got me to a great place.

Watched Stauff get hit on by Megan (poor boy), then saved him in time to play beer pong. We were ridiculously silly because we’d been drinking quite a bit, but we still managed to win four games. Maybe I’m not as bad at this game as I used to be…

After that, Falk and I managed some not-so-subtle but very effective matchmaking with Ryan and young Miss Grace. Then, it was a handful of drunken conversations and a car ride home in the wee hours. And time to pass out again.


I woke up Saturday in pain from wearing intense heels two days in a row… to parties… where you don’t sit down. Couple that with the fact that I walked to campus in those very same shoes, and you have some sore ass thighs and feet. There was no way in hell I wanted to wear them again, so I scrapped the nurse idea and just grabbed some random clothes to destroy.

For tonight was the costume I was waiting for: ZOMBIE.

Headed over to Stauff’s after we discovered Sean was bitching out on us (again… surprise, surprise). Okay, I’m going to say this now and be done with it. I love Sean dearly, and I respect the fact that he’s busy and that, sometimes, you just don’t want to hang out with people. Believe me, I get that. Thing is, Sean needs to stop constantly making plans, having everyone else make plans, then drop them last minute. I can’t even count the number of times this semester he’s made plans with me the day before, I walk back onto campus, and he cancels on me. That’s an hour of walk time I didn’t need to travel. It would be much more polite if you either canceled way earlier (instead of waiting till the designated time), or just stopped promising and making plans.

Okay, bitch rant over.

Anyway, watched the game at Stauff’s with a bunch of people. Depressing game. After that, we got all zombified, which was fucking sweet. I went balls to the wall with it, putting blood in my hair and getting my clothing all dirty and absolutely covered in blood. And, apparently, I managed to make a pretty decent zombie face for myself using only my limited collection of eyeshadow, so… go me. Here’s a pic:

Zombie Sam

I think it's fitting that this is the first picture of me I post in this blog.

The lot of us (Stauff, me, Swartz, Ryan, and Falk as zombies, Chrissy and Nick as Zoey and Bill, and Ben as… Solid Snake… yeah, didn’t fit exactly, but was still amusing) then proceeded to harass the Halloweenies on Grand River. Which was a great time. We even staged some maulings for Sean and some chick on the third floor.

Then it was time for drinking (for me, at least) and scary movie viewing. Movies of the night? Silent Hill and Saw (the first one and, really, the only one I care to watch anymore). Talked with Chrissy and Tagg for a few, then went home. And proceeded to pass the fuck out again.


That would be today, wouldn’t it? I awoke to a lot of banging in the apartment. I tried to bring myself to care, but I couldn’t move. I was too comfortable and exhausted. I went back to sleep.

Turns out, Falk was packing up her things and moving out. Yes, she’s moving out of our apartment. Don’t know if I said that here. It’s fine, I guess, though now I really need to find a roommate (or a sweet ass job), since I can’t afford this place on my own currently. Also, she left just as rent is due… which kind of feels like a bitch move, but whatever.

So yeah, I sleep some more, until a ray of sunshine managed to worm its way through my blinds and hit me directly in the eyes. And that’s when I knew I should just lever my lazy ass out of bed and go do something. So, here I am, sitting in the dorms, playing WoW and doing homework.

And crying over that spectacular defeat… Thank you, Baltimore, for so thoroughly handing the Broncos their asses today. *sigh*

Bonus link of the day: This list of reasons the internet sucks makes me laugh. Mostly because I’m a fucking internet addict.

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