Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

Song of the moment: Geisha Dreams Rollergirl

Well, despite the fact that Falk has completely fucked me over in regards to the apartment… her moving out means I got to swap my crappy mattress for the much nicer one she left behind. Holy god, I haven’t slept this well in ages. I forgot how great a good mattress can be. And how awesome it is to sleep and actually feel semi-rested the next day.

Last night, a few of us played the greatest card game ever: 1000 Blank White Cards. Basically, you have 100 (yes, not the 1000 from the title) index cards, half of which are pre-made (we had to make these before we played, since it was our first time) and half of which are blank. And the cards can target anything, be permanents or enchantments or creatures or instants… basically, take the rules from any card game you can think of, smoosh them all together, add in various nerdy references, and you have our version of 1000 BWC. Thing was, most of the people playing last night were super nerdy card gamers anyway, so we were all incorporating rules from Magic and Pokemon and such into our cards. I almost felt bad for the non-card gamer… but it was Falk, and she wouldn’t even follow the rules when she didn’t feel like they benefited her, so fuck her. Some of the cards were hilarious, like the 10/12 cock dragon (stays in play until flaccid), the one that turned your chair into lettuce and gifted you with a garden salad, and the one that turned someone into a black slave. Read more examples of cards here, because if I know you, chances are I will be forcing you into a game of this sometime in the near future.

Anyway, woke up sick this morning. The scratchy throat from yesterday turned into a full-blown sore throat, and I have the overly sensitive, painful skin of the flu. And I’m achy. Thankfully, tons of meds are now coursing through my body. I can barely tell I’m ill. Yay drugs.

Oh, I’ve also created a playlist of 6 (well, technically 5, since two are just different versions of the same song) songs that will put me in an early grave. Mostly because they are terrible and addicting and bore into my brain and cause cellular damage. They are (in no particular order):

1. Heut ist Mein Tag– Blümchen
2. Russian Lullaby– Toybox
3. Call on Me– Eric Prydz (this one has the most ridiculous video of the lot)
4. Такого как Путин (Russian)– The Putin Girls
5. Такого как Путин (English)– The Putin Girls
6. Geisha Dreams– Rollergirl

May you go as crazy as me when you listen to these.

Bonus link of the day: Best way to display photos on your fridge ever. This magnet set is adorable.

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