It’s Not a Gay Joke, It’s a Cotillion Joke

Song of the moment: Nothing, actually… I’m watching Scrubs

I’ve had this tab open in Firefox for the better part of a day now… and I still haven’t written anything. I think that says a lot about my life right now. I’m unwilling to discuss/deal with the important issues in my life. It’s why I was a wreck Friday night. Should that have been my epiphany moment, sobbing on the walk home with Chrissy? Yes, it should have. Was it?

Well, let’s put it this way- I still don’t really want to talk about my emotions and shit. So it was an unsuccessful epiphany, I guess.

No, it wasn’t. Maybe I’ll talk about it tomorrow. My head’s just fuzzy from too much time on my computer and the drugs… seriously, I think I’m just getting worse, not better. It’s hard for me to focus on anything. Very frustrating.

So, because I feel like I should write something here, I’ll say that I dinged 61 in WoW today. Oh, well shit, I guess I haven’t written since before 60. Hitting level 60 was a huge moment for me, as 60 was the original level cap in WoW. I’ve been playing around in Outland since level 58, happily exploring the expansion areas. In just 9 more levels, I’ll hit my current level cap.

Then I’ll finally have to cave and buy WotLK, because that’ll bump it to 80. Woo.

Also, I joined a new guild not too long ago (don’t remember if I said that in here). This is an active guild with a fun community, and I seem to fit right in. I’m making in-game friends, questing with them and running dungeons. I’ve had to sneakily get online to mask my amateur idiocy (like being unable to switch to PvP) a few times, but I’ve managed. It’s funny in an extremely sad way.

In terms of shit that’s not completely lame, I’m reading a new book. The Angel’s Game. I’m not very far into it, but so far, I really enjoy it. Huzzah.

Bonus link of the day: All the stories on this site are good. Check them out.

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