Adolescents of the Alphabet

Song of the moment: Watch Me Go (Kissed Me, Killed Me) The Dollyrots

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog. Happy birthday, little WordPress site!

Last night, I did what I always do when I feel like my life is starting to spiral out of control- I cut my hair. Don’t get me wrong, it needed it. The haircut I’ve been sporting (in some variation) for the past who-knows-how-long has a bad habit of becoming vaguely mullet-esque as it grows out. So, I’m constantly having to trim it to keep it moderately cute looking.

And when I got home yesterday, I was fed up with it. I was fed up with it and needed to do my usual method of “taking control” of something in my life. So, I chopped it all off. And I mean chopped. My hair is now boy-short. Personally, I love it. It was just the change I needed. It’s weird that I did it and enjoy it, though, because I’ve always been weirdy vain about my hair… and now I barely have any.

That being said, walking around campus and dealing with boys in classes (including the boy that usually flirts with me in my poetry class) has become frustrating. Namely because, before today, I would smile at boys and they’d smile back. Boy in poetry class (he gets no name) would flirt and always talk to me. But today? Today, I smiled and boys ignored me. Boy in poetry class looked at me, his eyes widened, then he studiously ignored me. Something about a girl with super short hair is a major turn-off to most men.

I’ve always wondered why that is. Is it because short hair is typically a male thing, and it challenges their sexuality to be with a woman with short hair? Is it because it makes the woman seem less ‘feminine’? Is it because super short hair makes the woman seem too butch (and possibly a lesbian)? I know men have cited all of these reasons. And I also know a ton of men who would be like “No, that’s silly, it wouldn’t matter to me.” But it would.

It’s frustrating, because I love my hair short. I don’t think it makes me less feminine (my personality does that). I’m not a lesbian. I do feel spritely and a little more badass and happy. Stupid.

The only thing I’m worried about is, that while I was hacking away at my hair, I cut some areas in the back too short and it looks weirdly patchy. It feels okay. Whatever, if I fucked it up, I can wear hats until it grows out a little.

I hope it looks fine, though, because I really think it’s fun to walk around with hair this short. I feel like I stand out again.

Bonus link of the day: Pi(e)!

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