I’m What’s Wrong With This Generation

Song of the moment: Hoppípolla Sigur Rós

I have now, officially, played Left4Dead 2. Well, I played the demo. But it was enough to make me start to drool. I feel like they ripped aspects of it straight from my suggestions as to how to improve the first game. Namely, in the addition of the melee weapons (and, for the record, the word ‘melee’ is pronounced māˌlā or may-lay, in layman’s terms… people should really check to make sure they are in the right before they mock others). It felt like Dead Rising and Left4Dead had a child. A violent, angry, beautiful child.

The demo only allows you to run through two safe houses worth of material, but that’s a substantial amount of content when you take into account the masterful AI Director making the game a new and special version of hell every time you pick up a controller.

I was concerned about the game losing some of its terror by placing some of the campaigns in daylight. And yes, the tone of the game shifts somewhat during the daylight hours. ‘The Parish,’ the campaign in the demo, is set during the day, and it was a whole new animal to play. While you have the advantage of a more expansive range of sight, they temper this by throwing you in a city, with buildings and a hedge maze to obscure your view.

But the gore. Oh, the beautiful gore. There’s so much blood in this game. And the zombies get ripped apart in beautiful new ways by your weaponry.

There were a lot of new additions to the game that I hadn’t yet heard of, such as adrenaline shots and defibrillators. The new specials were interesting to contend with, and the music cues are no longer as noticeable, so the specials can sneak up on you a bit easier. The witch’s music cue has become this haunting little melody that sent shivers up my spine. Speaking of the witch… that wandering witch is a pain in the fucking ass.

The old specials are the same (with the smoker just looking more disgusting), and the new specials are… interesting. The charger is my favorite. He’s like a smaller tank, but with a new twist. He can pick you up and beat you against the ground until someone kills him. Which is amusing to watch, but not so amusing to suffer through. The jockey is just weird. He jumps on your head and rides you into danger. I can’t take him seriously. And the spitter? The spitter looks like trailer trash, but she packs a hell of a punch. That acid does serious damage.

So yeah… now I’m even more excited for the game’s release on the 17th.

Brandon wanted me to hang out with him last night. And I was inches away from going over. Thankfully, Sean called me and wanted to hang. I was mostly bored, and Brandon’s was better than nothing. I was hesitant to go, though, because I don’t really like him that much, and I know he hasn’t quite given up on me. Add alcohol into that equation, and I could be walking into a situation that will only irritate me. So, I chose my actual friends over him… which led to him texting me  all fucking night, asking where I was and begging me to come over. My favorite of which was when he asked me to come over after everyone had left. I’m like, “Kid, we’re both drunk… and you are asking me over to your room. Where we will be alone. Yeah, I’m stupid enough to not know what you want here.” I told him that I had more friends where I was than where he was, so there wasn’t much incentive to walk all the way to his dorm (yes, I’m an asshole). His response? “Aren’t I incentive enough?”

No. Good god, no. Creepy little fucker.

Bonus link of the day: The opening sequence to Left4Dead 2. I love that Rochelle wears a Depeche Mode t-shirt in the game. Guess who my new regular character is? Hehe.

Also, Ellis is the new Francis.

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