Tech Week v1.0

Song of the moment: 6 Ghosts I Nine Inch Nails

Two days of tech down… how many to go? I suppose two that are technically “tech,” then the show proper. I’m already so sick of this play that I want to lock Cricket in a sealed room with the set and the script and a looped recording of the actors and vomit all over him and let him just live there. In my vomit and this goddamn show.

I don’t know where that idea came from. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Fuck it. I’m running on a total of 4.25 hours of sleep for the last three days (the last 58.5 hours, to be exact). This is fucking absurd. It’s not even my goddamn play.

And thank god for that, because I don’t want my name anywhere near it.

…Okay, I’m being extremely harsh. I’m just stressed and exhausted. Hell, I’m actually more mad at Sean than Swartz, but I’m taking it out on this shit because I can’t take it out on Sean.

Here’s something that pisses me off to no end: Sean didn’t come to Improv practice tonight. Which isn’t a new thing, frankly. It’s the timing of this particular no-show that’s most troubling. Honestly, this is the most rude and disrespectful thing Sean could have done this week. Kudos to him for being a complete and total fucking tool. He knows this is tech week for Swartz’s show. He knows we’re here for hours and hours in fucking rehearsal, that we’re pulling late nights, that everyone involved is exhausted and frustrated and busy. And still, he doesn’t show up to rehearsal… forcing Swartz to take over.

That’s right, Sean made Swartz run an additional rehearsal on top of the shit he already has to deal with this week. Sean has no fucking excuse for doing that. I’m so pissed I could punch him right now.

Hell week is just that- HELL. I’m going crazy, and I don’t even have caffeine to help. Why’s that, you might ask? Because the money I had carefully budgeted (due to my current financial bind over the apartment issue) for energy drinks and snacks went to paying for pizza on Saturday. Money that Sean was supposed to pay me back for the following day. Money he now refuses to pay me until he gets the money from Players. It’s a blackmail system I have no control over (the Players account isn’t in my name), a lie Sean told to me (‘pay you back the next day’ my ass), and a complete fuckeroo for my week (as I don’t have the money for energy drinks or food).

Thanks a lot, you bastard.

Bonus link of the day: Watch from 2:15 on. This is where I stole my “to sit in solemn silence” warm up from. It makes me laugh to hear the song now.

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