Tech Week v2.5 (I Dare Disturb the Universe)

Song of the moment: Skinny Little Bitch Angelspit

I know I haven’t been my normal, overly chatty self on here this week. Mostly it’s because I’ve been exhausted, nervous, and stressed. I would rather get on WoW and kill things to satiate my mood swings than write about them.

I don’t know if I’m entirely happy with that fact.

Quick tech update: Things are starting to come together… which is good, since tonight is opening night. Personally, I would never want a show of mine to go up in the state this one is in. Especially considering the fact that it’s a comedy and is severely damaged in terms of timing. Cricket didn’t spend nearly enough time working that, so the jokes are all falling really flat. Still, it’s not like the show is terrible or anything. It’s just not stellar. Forgettable is the word I’d probably attribute to it.

Of course, all directors are biased toward their own productions, so naturally I’m going to say mine were better. I know my casts were happier, though. This cast is at wit’s end with their director. I feel bad for them. Especially when I step in and act as drill sergeant to quickly get them where they need to be (for bows and such) because Cricket isn’t moving with the rapidity and structure that’s necessary.

More important than this show, however, is the fact that two awesome things were released this week: the latest Doctor Who special and Left4Dead2. And boy, they are both amazing.

We’ll start with the good Doctor, because he was chronologically first this week and because I have more to say about L4D2 than DW, so I’ll get the shorter one out of the way first. The episode was set on Mars, in what the Doctor refers to as a ‘fixed point in time’- meaning our do-gooder Doctor wasn’t allowed to interfere with the fates of the folks he ran into.

Of course, he can’t just sit back and do nothing. That would make for boring television. This episode featured the Doctor finally realizing the truth of being the last of the Time Lords- that he now has absolute power over the rules of space-time travel. So he tries to change time… he ends up failing, but he still tries. And nearly succeeds. And realizes that he’s becoming like the Master- a monster he never wants to be.

The next special looks a-fucking-mazing. It’s the two-part Christmas special that serves as David Tennant’s last stint as the Tenth Doctor. The Master himself is back, as well as a slew of past companions (can you say season 4 finale?). I’m looking forward to it.

Now, for L4D2. I’ve now played the actual game… and it’s even better than the demo made it seem. Chrissy and I stole Sean’s keys the other night and crashed his apartment to play after rehearsal (so, in the wee hours of the morning). We played the Dark Carnival campaign… and good lord, was it difficult. Chrissy and I have a pact to not speak of certain aspects of it, but know that we were playing on normal and it was kicking our asses.

Okay, I’ve had this open for a day and a half. I’m going to finish this up, post it, then write about the next few days. And I’ll include more about L4D2.

Bonus link of the day: A lovely graphic about space travel. I love space…

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