Tech Week v2.7 (Beta Testing)

Song of the moment: Holiday Dizzee Rascal

So much to write about… so little ambition to do so. Oh well, here goes:

Thursday was opening night of Arsenic and Old Lace. And it went quite well. It’s proof that, despite how fucked up everything seems during tech, Players always manages to scrape shit together and put on a good production. We had a decent-sized, responsive audience, so that was great for the cast.

After the show, it was cast party time (round one). This was the big one at Sean’s, with the full-cast (mostly) champagne toast and all our friends. It was insane. I developed a wonderfully antagonistic relationship with Matt McGee (I approve of where this is heading- toward an angry friendship) and then got super trashed. I don’t remember the end of my night… Ah, blackouts.

Friday was busy. Classes and meetings (with me still a bit hungover), then meeting up with the girls to go into Lansing for a Christmas festival/lighting of the tree by the capitol building. We got on this little bus that was all decorated festively and played crappy 90s Christmas music. When we got there, we wandered toward the crowd to watch the parade.

For the record, that was the strangest parade I’ve ever seen. No one seemed to stick with a holiday theme… except the Auschwitz train. They were so festive.

Then , we had to practically run through a sea of people to catch half of the fireworks show… and missed the lighting of the tree completely. When that was over, we were confused- the event was supposed to last till 9, but it was only 8. So we started wandering down Michigan Ave… where we discovered the coolest, semi-themed bars. There was a medieval one (my personal fav), a cute pub, a harem-inspired one, and a tiki lounge. We’re going to have to bar hop there soon.

The buses were packed, so we couldn’t even get one to stop for us. Because it was chilly, we decided to just start walking toward home, hoping we’d eventually snag a bus along the way. I had an interesting conversation with Chrissy and Emily about my overpowering desire to break into the field of medicine and how I’m disappointed I didn’t go pre-med in college.

And just when we were getting disgruntled, unable to find a bus… we stumble across a fish and chips joint. So, I started blaring some Dizzee Rascal, ordered up some fish and chips (vinegar and all), and proceeded to feel extremely British. It was fantastic.

We end up calling Libby to give us a ride home in her giant van. The middle seat has been removed, so I lay across the floor and pretended to be a kidnap victim the entire time. I don’t think she appreciated it, but I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Back to Chrissy’s for cast party number two. It was a lot of freshmen we didn’t know, and I spent most of the party trying to avoid the party (namely by being outside). Floyd and I determined we were soulmates, which was funny. I really do need to hang out with him more, though. After it wound down, I helped Chrissy kick the stragglers out so we could go to Stauff’s and play L4D2.

I had to redeem myself, because I played while super drunk on Thursday… and apparently spent the time cussing out my poor partner and jumping out of windows. Playing sober, though, I was once again competent. And we stayed on normal the whole time (we’ve had to kick it down to easy on a few instances in the past… this game is fucking brutal).

So now I’m sitting in the theatre, watching the tail end of the second performance of Arsenic and Old Lace. Not going to lie, I dozed off through most of it.

Bonus link of the day: The It’s Always Sunny Christmas episode. It’s a thing of beauty.

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