I Want to Lick You Right Now

Song of the moment: Desire Ryan Adams

Last night was a surprisingly fun way to wrap things up before Thanksgiving break. After Improv, I just wanted to hang out with people and drink a little before they all vanished off to their respective corners of the state for turkey day. However, it was Jess’s birthday, and Dave and Sean were supposed to go to The Riv to celebrate with her. Eventually, them, me, Falk, Grix, and Johnny all ended up going to the bar.

It was a nice, relaxing bar experience. No dancing, no inappropriate male interest. I chatted with some guys who were friend of Jess’s, had tons of Long Islands (they were the special of the night), got slightly drunk, then left. Got a ride home from Chrissy to grab more cash, then went out and bought rum for the first time in ages. Dark rum, too. Mmm.

Returned to Sean’s, where everyone had migrated. Offered shots to the boys (Sean, Ryan, Stauff, and Nick), which they accepted. Tattoo is strong shit, so I poured them large shots and grinned wickedly at the looks on their faces when they shot it. After that, it was time for some good ol’ L4D2. Sean bitched out early, so Chrissy and I played while I tried to download The Wrath of the Lich King expansion for WoW.

We were joined by Ben (I lured him over with the promise of alcohol and zombies… mostly because I was in a good mood and feeling generous with my booze), and him and I played scavenge mode, which I enjoyed. We were pitted against each other, playing survivors and infected alternately. Yeah… I owned him. You know, because I’m obviously the superior gamer. *cough cough*

Note to self: Stop threatening to fight people. One of these days, you are going to get punched because someone will take you seriously…

Anyway, been mucking about on WoW today. Did some light grocery shopping at RiteAid (just to tide me over for a day or two), then made the decision that, despite being alone tomorrow, I’m going to do Thanksgiving right. So, I’m going to get up tomorrow morning, catch the bus to Meijer, buy the fixings for a proper Thanksgiving dinner, then spend the rest of the day cooking. I’m actually pretty pumped about that.

But yes… I made a Death Knight on WoW. Her name is Myliara. She’s a fucking badass. Observe (I’ll put Myl and Mahr’s picture up together, so you can see the difference between a regular character and a Death Knight):

Basic image of Myl, from the title screen (her background is the Death Knight default)

In contrast, here's a basic image of Mahr (with the Blood Elf default background)

Here's Myl mounted on her Deathcharger

And here's Mahr on her new flying mount

Okay, done being a super nerd here on the blog. Gonna go be a nerd somewhere else now.

Bonus link of the day: Who doesn’t love a good geometry joke?

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