For Your Amusement…

I present my top 25 most played songs on iTunes. Feel free to laugh- I did.

1. (Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar– The Guild [Play Count: 280]
2. Bad Romance– Lady GaGa [Play Count: 185]
3. He Must Be Like Putin (English Version)– The Putin Girls [Play Count: 77]
4. Fireflies– Ron Pope [Play Count: 72]
5. This Piece of Poetry is Meant to Do Harm– The Ark [Play Count: 71]
6. Unwritten Letter #1– Vienna Teng [Play Count: 68]
7. Dance Wiv Me– Dizzee Rascal [Play Count: 62]
8. Camera One– Josh Joplin Group [Play Count: 51]
9. Geisha Dreams– Rollergirl [Play Count: 51]
10. Gravity– Vienna Teng [Play Count: 46]
11. Latika’s Theme– A.R. Rahman [Play Count: 36]
12. Russian Lullaby– Toybox [Play Count: 35]
13. Don’t Trust Me– 3OH!3 [Play Count: 35]
14. Sugarhigh– Coyote Shivers [Play Count: 33]
15. The Chain– Ingrid Michaelson [Play Count: 28]
16. Beautifully– Jay Brannan [Play Count: 28]
17. Hometown Glory– Adele [Play Count: 27]
18. My Skin– Natalie Merchant [Play Count: 27]
19. We Both Know- Sissel [Play Count: 26] (I can’t find this one online, sorry)
20. Find Me– Boyce Avenue [Play Count: 25]
21. Can’t Have It All– Jay Brannan [Play Count: 25]
22. The Tower– Vienna Teng [Play Count: 24] (I could’ve went with a plain vid for this one, but I couldn’t turn my back on Firefly)
23. O Valencia!– The Decemberists [Play Count: 23]
24. I Like It Rough– Lady GaGa [Play Count: 23]
25. Schism– Tool [Play Count: 23]

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