I’ll Be Online For Christmas…

Song of the moment: If You Asked Me Meaghan Smith (yeah, not a Christmas song… deal with it)

It’s now Christmas Day. Which really isn’t all that exciting for me, except that the new Doctor Who special (well, part 1 of it) comes out today. Of course, I’m super fucking excited for that, but I know it means there’s going to be a horrible cliffhanger on this one and I’ll have to wait till New Years for the conclusion. The conclusion involving dear David Tennant leaving the program. *tear*

Played phone tag with the family today. It was the Hiltz family Christmas Eve get-together. From what I could hear while talking to every goddamn member of my extended family (and I mean all of them- 4 yr old cousins on up to my great-grandmother, with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, great aunts, and great uncles scattered in-between), it was the same as it is every year. Which means the vast majority of my family gets way too drunk and let their kids run rampant through the house, playing with Christmas decorations and eating too many candies/cookies and stealing presents out of stockings. And the drunkies all get super loud and start saying shit they shouldn’t and then Gator and Wayne and Frank (my uncles) all get in a fight, and Karen (my aunt) eggs them on and then Shelley (my great aunt) and Lisa (aunt) gang up on her and it becomes this big fight (only physical every other year). And then my Grandpa calms everyone down by bringing out his guitar, and my uncles all grab theirs and grudgingly sit next to each other, and there’s singing and music for a while.

Seriously, I wish I was kidding. My family is terrifying.

I kind of miss it.

Kind of.

Break has been full of entirely too much WoW (level 73 and counting) and disappointment on a few fronts. But, for the most part, I’m upbeat. And this is for stupid, girly reasons.

Paul has been chatting with me almost every night (and he’s initiating!). Every time we talk, I can feel my stomach fluttering nervously. I’ve been bit by the crush bug bad here, but it’s not that all-consuming want I’ve had with other guys. It’s this sweet, nervous feeling, like this whole thing is a soap bubble and I’m trying to catch it in my hands without popping it.

It’s a nice feeling, this sweetness. There’s nothing painful here. I think it’s about time I felt this way.

But yes, we’re chatting very regularly (this makes for a happy Sam), and I’ll hopefully get to see him at Sean’s New Year’s thing (I think he’s going… he asked me if I was going, so I assume that meant he is). [ADDENDUM: No, he’s not going to be there. LAME.] He’s of legal age now, so we’ll be able to go get a drink now. That’s pretty cool, in my opinion. It’s nice to know people who can go out with me to the bar for a drink, instead of just using me to buy them alcohol.

Also, I cannot wait to go shopping with that Victoria’s Secret gift card I got for Christmas. Hello, sexy lingerie.

Bonus link of the day: The pope getting tackled by a madwoman before Christmas mass. I laugh, but then can’t help but think: Who the hell would attack a 127-year-old dude like him?

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