My Latest Scheme to Make Money

My plans for a gay boy band having stalled, I have had to turn my attention to new ways to make an exorbitant amount of money with very little effort. The result? A Japanese game show. And not just any Japanese game show. I’m thinking Japanese Sex Bingo or Japanese Sex-Tac-Toe… in capsule hotels. Observe:

Tell me that isn’t the perfect set-up for some kinky sex games.

The choice of Japan for said game show was a simple one, and not just because Japan is the home of these capsule hotels. Only in Japan would such a bizarre game show be happily aired. Plus, as I learned from Squeaks, the Japanese sex industry is terrifyingly large and a dominant part of their economy. How can I not take advantage of this to make money?

Upon looking at the capsule hotel and thinking about the premise of my game shows, I feel there’s a joke to be made about a box of assorted chocolates and their surprise fillings, but I am not clever enough to make it. If you can manage, however, please comment, because I would love to read it.

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