Does It Make Me Racist If I Don’t Become a Fan of Black People on Facebook?

Song of the moment: Soft Skeletons Anberlin (yeah, still on that kick)

Today was… less pleasant than other days, let’s put it that way.

I’ve been allowed too much time in my own head this break, and it’s starting to take its toll. Don’t get me wrong, I need time to myself to recharge. But I’ve become so sickeningly reliant on people that to go for long periods with nothing but scattered AIM conversations starts to wear on me. My mind isn’t as easy to distract when I’m on my own, and it circles back to things I don’t want to think about with disturbing frequency.

Suffice to say, New Year’s cannot come fast enough.

Funnily enough, I spent most of today ignoring people when they tried to contact me (with the marked exception of one person… we all know who it was…). I couldn’t deal with it all today.

In other news, my WoW account was hacked again. I can’t fucking believe that. For once, Blizzard handled something in a timely fashion, and my account has been restored to me. I changed all the information on it, so hackers can suck it. They aren’t getting at me again.

After my upsetting discovery this morning and the WoW debacle and not really sleeping, I was in one hell of a black mood. So, I took my Victoria’s Secret gift card and went shopping. At first, I thought that was going to be a bust as well (Get it? Victoria’s Secret? Bust? It’s funny, dammit.). $50 for one fucking bra?! Then, I discovered the section of the store devoted to the semi-annual sale (hell yes), so I managed to get the cutest coordinating pale pink set, as well as two more pairs of knickers that coordinate well with my other VS bras. One of them is made of a silk so light it’s basically insubstantial. Wearing this pair of panties is like not wearing anything at all. Fantastic. So, that was a success. I felt better upon leaving the store.

Not loads better, but underwear shopping always helps soothe the worst of my temper. It’s funny- everyone thinks my wardrobe is comprised of mostly blacks and grays. A very dark, somber color choice. And they aren’t mistaken, really. My outer garments all tend toward darker shades. So I think it would surprise many people to see my underwear collection, which is a riot of color and lace and silk. It’s the one thing about my wardrobe that really pegs me as a female.

Anyway, I don’t really have much else to add here, beyond I’m just as upset now as I was this morning over New Year’s. Stupid.

Bonus link of the day: It’s sad that this is starting to sound like an ideal way to spend New Year’s Eve…

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