I Have a Problem…

Okay, I think this is deserving of a post all its own. As of 8:36 a.m. on December 29, 2009, I have passed the 10,000 song mark in iTunes (I thought about commenting on passing the 50 GB mark two weeks ago, but decided to wait till this landmark, seeing as I knew it would happen soon).

10,016 songs. 53.74 GB. 27.7 days worth of music. Ridiculous.

Anything I really have to say on the subject can be neatly summed up by a post of Tagg’s from not too long ago (sad that I can remember this post well-enough to go find it… it’s also sad how similarly large our music collections are):

i passed the 10,000 song mark on my computer
i suppose that’s something too
i’m not sure what to think about how much music i now have
on one hand, that’s a shit-ton of music to have
it’s starting to border on unnecessarily large
on the other, i’m glad i have such varied tastes
and i keep on downloading music
so it’s only gonna get bigger

*ahem* That is, in fact, what he said.

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