Distance Dilutes and Rewrites and Rewrites

Song of the moment: Dilute The Honorary Title (as per usual, ignore the video)

I am an idiot.

But, enough about that. Let’s talk about this gem that I found while depressed and wandering through the Starcraft 2 beta forums (you know I’ve sunk pretty damn low if I’m in forums of any sort). I have highlighted the salient point for your benefit:

What the fuck? Is this dumbshit really attempting to compare Starcraft 2 to WoW?! A piece of advice: you cannot fucking compare gameplay in a RTSG to a MMORPG. They are two completely different types of games, with two completely different sets of play styles. This two-bit fuckwit doesn’t deserve to be in this beta.

Yes, I’m still bitter.

I also realize he could’ve been attempting to refer to Warcraft the RTS series and not WoW… but if he’s too stupid to realize the difference, he still deserves the “fuckwit” moniker.

I’m fair certain The Great Wheaton War of ’10 is over now, so I’ll probably be posting a full timeline of it at some point this weekend. Unless it continues, in which case you’ll all just have to wait. I’m sure you care.

I have been overpoweringly, aggravatingly restless, mind and body, since last night. I don’t know what is causing it, but I really wish it would cease.

I find myself drawn to talking with Ben again because he’s the only person who just talks to me. He doesn’t have an agenda. He doesn’t want something from me. He doesn’t want to whine about the same old shit again and again. It’s refreshing, given all the crap people keep unloading on me when they talk to me.

I’m sorry your relationships are all falling apart. I’m sorry you’re all unable to handle those break ups. I’m sorry you made poor decisions. I’m sorry you drink or smoke too much. I’m sorry your life seems to be going to shit. I’m sorry you’re all hung up on this crap. But it gets fucking old, having to hear about it every goddamn time we converse.

…I think I’m PMSing two weeks early. And I haven’t even fucking started these meds yet. Great.

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