Things I Love Right Now:

1. The Fifth Element– If you’ve never watched this movie, stop whatever you are doing right now, go rent it, and devote yourself to two hours of sheer awesome. It’s a sci fi fantasy that’s equal parts quirky, sexy, funny, and kick ass.

If you need more motivation…. Milla Jovovich wearing practically nothing (and later, completely topless).

2. Dessa– Before today, I had no clue who she was. Now, I’m addicted to her sound. She has a wonderful, unique sound, and I’ve begun thinking of her as the Alanis Morissette of hip hop. See, dear Alanis has always had this undefinable… something that eludes me when I try to define and/or classify her music. Nothing sounds quite like her. And I feel that way when I listen to Dessa. There’s something there I can’t quite put my finger on, but it has me hooked.

Besides, anyone who can manage to throw mentions of Anna Karenina and the Chicago Manual of Style into her songs, as well as titling one song “Everything Floats” (from a quote in Stephen King’s It) is golden in my book.

3. Victorian inspired high heels- These are quite steampunk, no?

I know, I know. This is what you are thinking. But dammit, I’m a girl- I’m allowed to squee over shoes every now and again.

4. Falling asleep in freshly laundered bedding that is still warm and smells like dryer sheets and clean. Burrowing into my blankets and pillows last night was like magic. Warm, soft, fragrant magic.

5. Holi, the Festival of Colors- A Hindu celebration that is, to my eyes, one of the most exciting and beautiful religious celebrations the world over. This is what worship should be like- fun. A celebration of life and the beauty of it. None of this guilt and fear crap.

6. Guest stars on The Big Bang Theory– This week, we had Stan Lee. In two weeks, we get a second helping of evil Wil Wheaton. Thank you, TBBT, for letting me geek out like a madgirl on Monday nights.

For you fans of dear Mr. Wheaton and/or TBBT, check out last week’s episode of Radio Free Burrito for an amusing anecdote about Wil’s experience at the studio. Though really, you should listen to the Burrito all the time, because Wil’s a smart and funny guy with a sexy voice and interesting taste in music/audio clips.

7. Rube Goldberg machines- I don’t much care for OK Go’s music, but their latest video is a-fucking-mazing. It’s like watching the culmination of all my odd gizmos I made as a kid. Yes, I was big into making my own Rube Goldberg machines when I was a child… I don’t think that should surprise any of you. By the by, Jenga blocks are a great component. I only played the actual game once, but I used the shit out of those blocks.

8. A potential Portal sequel- That’s right, you heard me. Valve recently patched Portal, adding a new achievement and a new ending and leaving fans puzzling out a series of transmissions. All signs seem to say that our darling GLaDOS really is still alive.

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