Strange Syllabic Hoofbeats

Song of the moment: Stray Italian Greyhound Vienna Teng

I’m extremely disappointed in Kostova. What I was really loving about her novel was the lack of romantic subplot. Then she introduced Helen, and I thought, “Okay, this explains the narrator’s mother, and why her father is so reluctant to speak of her. I can deal with this.”

Then she introduces Barley as a love interest for the narrator. God dammit.

Not that the romances are overwhelming or anything, I was just enjoying the novelty of a vampire novel sans love.

At least none of the vampires are getting busy with the humans…

I’m currently downloading Braid, a puzzle/platformer game. I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about it for months now. It’s supposed to be beautiful, with a lovely soundtrack, interesting narrative, and really unique gameplay. You can control time, in some regards, allowing you to reverse time and such. Some of the puzzles require you to do this. Each level is themed around a different application of the time-control physics of the game.

I’ll report back to you my official opinions once I’ve played it.

Also queued on my atrocious internet connection are Metropolis (the 1927 silent film, not the crappy anime) and Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. Both sound quite good (yes, I’ve never seen Metropolis, and I’m trying to correct this), so it’ll be nice when they finally fucking download.

I’ll leave you with an honest question, galleons. Have you ever suddenly wanted to hear someone’s voice but found you can’t call them because they’d only resent you for it?

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