On the Subject of Beauty

Song of the moment: Cello Song Nick Drake

Galleons, I’m asking you a question today, and I want you to answer it in the comments section. Please. It will only take a few seconds, and you can do it anonymously (if you so desire). But this is important to me, so please. Answer this:

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

It might not be the moment you think it should be. It might be the moment you saw something that floored you with the surprising fact of its relevance.

I have seen a church in New Mexico so lovely I couldn’t speak for awe. I have stood on the tops of mountains and mesas and gazed down at the sun-drenched beauty of the land below. I’ve touched the flank of a doe and felt her shudder beneath my palm before vanishing into the night. I have gazed across oceans, both the Pacific and the Atlantic, watching the expanse of water continue as far as my eye could trace it. I have seen a Jackson Pollock in person, the Golden Gate Bridge, the gorges of Ithaca. And yet, this is the most sincerely beautiful, perfectly arresting moment of my life:

It was spring. Late afternoon/early evening. And through window blinds and furniture impediments, a single shaft of sunlight sliced through the room and across pale skin. And in that light were illuminated the most exquisite brown eyes I have ever seen. Normally so dark as to appear almost black, the sunlight warmed them to a crystallized shade of honey amber. What was so often hidden was revealed. Unguarded and open to my perusal. And in those depths sparkled intelligence, passion, and all the beauty in this life.

Your turn.

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