Get Thee To a Nunnery!

Hamlet, with good reason, is one of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays. It also happens to be my personal favorite (King Lear and Macbeth vie for second). Murder, betrayal, love, death, and one of the most haunting looks at the fine line between sanity and madness (I would go so far as to say only The Yellow Wallpaper could really compare… and the lovely Lady Macbeth).

And tonight, on PBS, the incredibly sexy David Tennant is taking his much-talked about portrayal of Hamlet from stage to screen, along with the stellar Patrick Stewart as Claudius. If you aren’t stuck doing something else, galleons, I highly recommend you tune in. Or, at least, catch it online later- as soon as it airs, it’s supposed to go up on the PBS site for free viewing.

As a taster, here’s David performing the coward’s soliloquoy:

The Royal Shakespeare Company… led by Patrick Stewart and David Tennant? This is probably going to be the best version of Hamlet you’ve had the pleasure of viewing.

Watch it.

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