“Water and Fire” Eben Brooks

Can you sit for a moment and rest here with us
If we keep you much longer, can you forgive us
It’s been so long since you went away
She and I were hoping you might stay
So, if you have some time to spare
Just say what you require
And tell us of your water and fire

Can you just for a moment let go of it all
Take the pins from your hair, now, and let it fall
Tell us both of love that you have seen
And talk with us of unimportant things
And if you sense a tension
It is only our desire
For the one who bears the water and fire

Knowing just the moment, rising dizzy to our feet
Desire’s chill caress leaving us trembling for your heat
You know how it feels
To fall into temptation far too sweet

Can we, just for a moment, call you our own
And make believe that you’ll share with us alone
Will we have just a memory of this day
Which time will take and turn its colors gray
Or will you rest here once again when your soul is tired
And will you bless us with your water and fire

Now how often do you see a sweet, serious love song… about a threesome?

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