“The Devil in Me” Augie March

There must have been a light in your eyes, that you didn’t see the devil in me
When he was right there inside,
In my low company that I never made an effort to hide, or to get him behind.

That the surface don’t quake when you see me in the grip of the vice,
That the earth doesn’t shake shouldn’t come as the biggest surprise,
Seeing blind love loans a clever disguise.

Another day in the dirt
Makes you wonder will it ever come clean?
Well, I’m not a machine,
But if we’re gonna bury the hurt,
Take your pick and your shovel and lean to the task, sister, lean.

O how long will I go on about it, though it profits me none?
But the day that I cease from my labor then the devil has won-
Until that day I won’t be holding my tongue.

What I wanted to say
Is if the two of us, me and the devil, both can live in my skin,
And I can keep a close eye on him, then you know that the devil won’t win,
As long as I keep on the light side of sin.

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