Blueprint For My Afternoon

  1. I’m going to ruthlessly purge my music library. I will not hold back. Say goodbye to 60 GB of music- we’re chopping that way down.
  2. I’m going to purge my external hard drive of items I don’t need anymore, until I have room for all of the music that remains in my library.
  3. I will transfer all my music onto Kerrigan (my external… in hindsight, a terrible name for a piece of technology, as I have had more trouble with that external than anything else I’ve ever owned… damn Queen of Blades, fucking with my shit).
  4. I will transfer any remaining, important files from my computer to my external.
  5. I will wipe my operating system.
  6. I will reinstall it.
  7. I will run Boot Camp and put Windows on Ghiert.
  8. I will feel the insane, mad scientist rush that occurs when Windows runs on a Mac.
  9. I will then proceed to download games onto the Windows side, and return my music to the Mac side.
  10. Maybe I will come back here and write a real post.

As you can see, this is going to be a busy afternoon/evening for me. Well, it’s a lot of really time-consuming crap. So, if I don’t post tonight, you know why.


The rest of this post has been deleted because I’m tired of hearing about it.

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