From “Crave” by Sarah Kane

There is a play that I have loved for years. A play nobody has ever heard of. A play I knew I could never direct and that the acting pool of Players could never do justice to.

That play is Crave by Sarah Kane.

Crave is poetry onstage. Non-linear, emotional, often bleak. It’s love at its most painful. It breaks your heart a hundred times.

It’s beautiful.

The following is an excerpt from it. I think it’s interesting that they’ve broken it into two characters’ voices, when it was originally written as a single character’s monologue, but I don’t particularly care for these actors. Still, I cry when I hear them say these lines.


Also, there’s a short film I really want to see entitled Rites of Love and Math.

If any of you can find a copy of it, I’d appreciate you sharing the secret of how you acquired it. Because I’m dying to see this.

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