In Which I am Six Months Behind the Rest of the World of Music

So, apparently, in January, Sigur Rós announced they were on an indefinite hiatus.

Yeah… I just discovered this today. Because I’m wickedly up-to-date on the goings on of the bands I listen to.

I’m awesome.

Anyway, I discovered this information when I stumbled onto a playlist of Icelandic music. Supposedly, all the artists on the list had recently released a new album. The list included Emiliana Torrini (I like her song Today Has Been Okay), and I casually glanced to see where Sigur Rós was. Because, I mean, of course Sigur Rós is going to be on there…

What the fuck?

I was confused. Wasn’t Sigur Rós putting out a new album this year? I remember reading about it at the end of last year (…during my last attempt to keep up with my bands). Was it just not out yet?

Ten minutes and some puzzled Wiki-ing later, I learned what everyone else learned 6 months ago.

Well shit.

I was actually kind of upset. Sigur Rós has never been my favorite band, but I do enjoy them. And now they are on hiatus. To pursue solo careers, among other things.


I so rarely like solo artists outside of their original band. But today, I’m going to have to mark a notable exception.

Part of why I liked Sigur Rós so much was Jónsi Birgisson’s voice (and I know I’m not alone there), so I figured I’d give his recent solo album a go.

Get it?

A go?


I slay me.

Anyway, he had me hooked by the second track, Animal Arithmetic. And he blew me away with Kolniður. The album’s overall sound is still very Sigur Rós, so I can’t imagine him not snatching most (if not all) of that fanbase.

Still, great album. I listened to the whole thing and enjoyed every minute of it.

It was a perfect capstone on a wonderful day.

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