“Leaning Your Loneliness Gently on Mine” Stein Mehren

I have really great news to tell you, galleons, but I’m going to wait to do it tomorrow. Because I want to devote a whole post to it and lack the energy to do anything tonight.

And then my eyes fell upon yours
like a stone from my heart
a stone I had long carried about

And your face is no longer
quietly closed on yourself, but
a gift you open with your eyes

And I no longer know if it’s leaves
falling from mighty trees
or a memory of beasts in flight

because the air is dissolving over
your face like a strong light
Your face a mirror in my hands

and the sense-bereft pale
smile of your pale lips; foam
from a storm that has passed

While the butterfly words
wound round us a golden thread
you accepted all my helplessness

And I grasped as if deep in earth
Your breasts, your body, You
and your glance, half scrutiny

half smile, that said: Lover
Tonight you can lean your loneliness
gently on mine

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