Famous Blue Raincoat

This song has been stuck in my head all day today:

And I listened to it when I went out for a walk in the rain this evening (it was the third time it had rained today… the weather has been unusually [but not unwelcomely] wet this year). Except I didn’t actually listen to that version. I listened to this one:

I know, I know- I listen to too much Jonathan Coulton (I have a hard time calling him JoCo, even though that’s his nickname, because I know a guy [a much prettier musician man] who also has that nickname).

Anyway, that’s all you get tonight. I broke my brain when I was walking because I smoked too many cigarettes because I was feeling moody and melancholy and that’s what moody/melancholy folks do- smoke. I kind of made myself sick and spent an hour and a half just lying in bed, hoping the world would stop spinning and that I wouldn’t throw up (if you are not an idiot and do not smoke, smoking too much too fast feels like all the worst parts of being drunk). And now I have a headache and feel nothing but the righteous shame of being a filthy smoker (and of being really bad at being a smoker, despite nearly three years of experience) and I’m just going to keep reading the archives of Scary Go Round to refresh myself on what happened in that most delightful of British webcomics before I start reading the spin off that I didn’t know existed until today (it was a very British-y day, between this and getting Kate Nash’s latest album).

ALSO, my desk lamp just died. Right now. I went to turn it on and it blinked on, yelled “FUCK YOU” like an angry, drunken sorostitute, then just… died. I’ve had this lamp three years. I was attached to it. *sniff* Now I have to buy a new one that I will love less.

Moral of this story: Don’t smoke, galleons.

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