This is Why I’m Not Allowed to Listen to Anything NPR Puts Out- I Just End Up Yelling at My Computer/Radio/iPod and Looking Like I’m Batshit Crazy

Galleons, remember how I started that series of sex and sexuality posts back in January? And how I promised it would last a week, but then it didn’t? Well, this was because those posts took me longer to write than my everyday posts, and I’m a fundamentally lazy soul. However, I still have all the topics I planned to discuss that week, including:

  • A discussion on the blurred boundaries between sex/friendship/relationships in modern society
  • Transexuals and the uncanny valley (a discussion of gender identity and societal reactions)
  • The common female attraction to the “bad boy” persona (as a companion piece to the Lolita post I wrote)
  • Sexting, video chat, and the long distance relationship
  • Prostitution and stripping- degradation or career?

Well, I just spent the last hour and 50 minutes listening to an Intelligence Squared (I’m too lazy to figure out how to superscript on here) debate on the morality of paying for sex… which, as you can see, ties in neatly to the last bullet on my list. I am a person who holds very strong opinions on sex and sexuality (thus why I started doing those posts in the first place), so it’s safe to say I’ve been pissed off frequently while listening to this debate. I think it’s being handled incredibly poorly, that they skirt questions and get off topic more often than not, and that they are practically avoiding the actual question at hand:

Is it wrong to pay for sex?

I have so goddamn much to say on this topic (as has always been the case when I listen to debates, I find myself just geared up to give my opinion and argue with someone), and that’s why it would be a disservice to do so tonight. Right now, I would be writing a response to a debate you may or may not be familiar with. And that isn’t the way I want to tackle this topic. I want to give you a post that’s not dependent upon a singular outside source, but that encompasses many and gives you my opinion on the matter.

Therefore, I’m going to push that post to tomorrow. Give myself an entire day to chew over what I’ve heard in this debate, decide what I want to address, do some research, and create my own argument on the matter. I think that will be more interesting for you to read and will make me feel like I’ve done right by the subject.

However, I won’t leave you high-and-dry tonight. I snagged myself two fantastic albums today. First and foremost is the new Scissor Sisters album, Night Work. My favorite disco/glam rock group is back… and just as wonderful as ever.

I swear, I’m not going to be getting this track out of my head anytime soon:

The second album is also exciting, though it’s much smaller than the previous. It’s Cool is Just a Number by I Fight Dragons, a chiptune/alt rock band. It’s fun as hell. Two tracks are of particular note on this little EP. The first is a high energy track:

The second track is slower and sweeter:

Enjoy! (I am)

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