IRIS: We Share Our Chemistry With the Stars

What a beautiful name for a gallery showing, no?

It’s the title of Marc Quinn’s latest series of 6-foot paintings of eyes. Quinn first garnered my attention in 2006, when he created a self-portrait sculpture from his own blood:

"Self 2006"

I cannot say I was sold on this particular brand of modern art (these days, it feels like shock factor is more important than any real technical ability or soul, but my mixed emotions on the field of modern art are a talk for another day), but the artist himself became infamous to me.

Since then, I’ve noticed a few of his other works mentioned on various art sites. In the fashion of Georgia O’Keefe, Quinn has done a series of pure white sculptures of flowers. They are beautiful and sensual pieces, and some of my favorites of his:

"Etymology of Desire"

But this new gallery showing really takes the cake for me. The large tondos (circular paintings) of irises are simply breathtaking. Part of this is his incredible use of color and pattern to create these fiery, near-cosmic creations. Another part of it is my innate fascination/obsession with eyes. Whatever the excuse, they sure are incredible to look at:

If that last image didn’t evoke images of an Aperture Science testing facility, I’m very disappointed in you, galleons.

Anyway, it’s been quite some time since we did a post about art. Hope you enjoyed it.

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