Meet Roxxxy, the $7000 Masturbatory Aid: A Post About Sex Dolls Through the Ages

Last time we did a post about sex toys, it was a pretty generic thing. Which was a good primer, but I’ve been meaning to get into a few more specific masturbatory aids.

Tonight, it’s going to be the sex doll.

Devoting an entire post to sex dolls may seem a bit odd, but if your initial reaction is that all sex dolls resemble this, you may be surprised to know that the market for simulated partners is vast indeed, and the sex doll is evolving along with developing technology.

Let’s take a closer look, galleons.


First, let’s get some history on sex dolls:

Ovid, one of the most popular of the Latin poets (known for, among other things, his Metamorphoses, one of the key texts for those studying Greek mythology), catalogued the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea.

Pygmalion was a man who sculpted a beautiful, anatomically perfect woman. He was quite taken with his work, and he named her Galatea. Pygmalion bathed Galatea, slept with her, fed her, and had sex with her. Eventually, Pygmalion fell in love with his creation, and Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty) took pity on the man and made Galatea into a real woman, like a porno version of Pinocchio.

Ovid was the first to record the use of a sex doll among humankind, over 2000 years ago, but this was by no means an isolated incident.

There are two ancient terms among sailors, dama de viaje (travel lady) in Spanish and Seemannsbraut (sailor’s bride) in German, that refer to cloth dolls used aboard ships. Because unless you were a pirate hauling around some captured morsel or wenching while in port, there just wasn’t an opportunity to get with a woman at sea.

Unless you could figure out how to bang a mermaid…

Anyway, this… ah… tradition among sailors of taking sex dolls to sea continued into the 20th century among navies the world over.

Supposedly, the first inflatable sex dolls were created under the order of Hitler. He assigned Danish doctor Olen Hannussen to create these dolls to fulfill the needs of his men on the battlefield, so that the men would not contract STDs from brothels or, even worse, sleep with non-Aryan women (the horror!). Hitler himself designed the doll, a design later named Borghild: “She should be a natural size with a pretty woman’s appearance with white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, 1.76 meters (5 feet, nine inches) high, with large lips and breasts.”

Sadly, Hitler’s Love Army never came into existence, as the Allies bombed Dresden, the city housing the factory that was supposed to fabricate the dolls.

Bizarre though it may sound, many claim that Borghild’s design inspired the creation of the Barbie doll. Nothing disturbing about that at all…

Because of the restrictions on “indecent or obscene” items, until 1982 it was illegal in Britain to import sex dolls into the country. When customs seized the shipment of West German sex dolls, the company took the case all the way to the European Court of Justice and won, forcing Britain to lift its stringent import prohibitions. So now, not only are the British coming, they’re “cumming.”

Hur hur.


These days, there are a mind-boggling number of types and brands of sex dolls. These range from the cheap inflatable vinyl dolls to midrange models made from seamless latex and sporting mannequin heads to the high-end models that are customizable and made from the finest materials, with realistically sculpted bodies and faces.

Doggie Diva, Porky Paulina, Charming Constance. Anime love dolls. Cheerleaders. Schoolgirls. There are dolls to cater to any taste, any fantasy.

Even animals… in 1995, Muttonbone Productions, Inc. created the first inflatable love sheep. Whether used as a gag gift or a real sex aid, it’s still pretty fucked up.

And then there are partial dolls, such as the molded vaginas/asses we discussed in our previous sex toy post, or the love pillows and boyfriend pillows that are popular in Japan (every so often, when I curl up on my body pillow [because I’m a cuddler in my sleep], I think about those things and get super uncomfortable and scoot to the other side of the bed).

In terms of high-end sex dolls, though, the RealDoll was the big thing for a while. With a poseable PVC skeleton and silicone skin, the RealDoll was the best sex doll in terms of realistic human body simulation. The doll could be heated to more adequately mimic human flesh, and the doll had the weight of a human female (or, less commonly, male). Pricing began at around $6500, with models skyrocketing as high as $10,000.

There’s an adorable little movie entitled Lars and the Real Girl that features the main character, an incredible social inept, ordering a RealDoll online, only to treat her like a real person (and, bizarrely enough, not sleep with her). Check it out if you get a chance (and like cute, quirky films).

But that kind of thing doesn’t only happen in Hollywoodland. A 50-year-old Italian man paid more than $18,000 for a sex toy company to make a sex doll in the likeness of his ex-girlfriend: “I want it just like her but with bigger boobs.”

Good times.

These days, however, a simple doll isn’t enough for some people. And with a society steeped in technology like a bag of tea in a mug of hot water, can you really blame people for wanting to branch out in their sexual exploits?

It’s the age of the geek, baby, but what the geeks have created may be the most disturbing sex toy to ever hit the market.

Galleons, this is Roxxy, the first sex doll with a replicated personality:

That’s right- Roxxxy is a TrueCompanion, a sex doll with five preset character personalities (and the ability to create your own personality and store it in an AI engine). She can listen, speak, sleep… even feel and react to touch. An articulated skeleton, robotic heart (for her internal cooling system), and the ability to connect to the internet round out the package.

Because what someone really needs is their sex doll sending them a loving email when they are off at work.

Sex with robots? While a staple of science fiction fetish for ages (and constituting almost the very beginning of BSG… gotta love Six), it seems like it would be a great taboo in modern society. After all, sex dolls themselves are still frowned upon. Add an AI into the mix and you are just asking for trouble.

However, Henrik Christensen of the European Robotics Research Network said that, “in five years time people would be having sex with functional robots.”

Well shit. It’s already hard enough to find a decent guy. Now they’ll have the option of ladybots?



Many people compare sex dolls to dildos, stating that both are just masturbatory aids. However, the evolution of the sex doll toward greater realism begs the question:

Are sex dolls more than a mere masturbatory aid?

I think most people would agree that sex dolls serve to blur the line between masturbation and sex. And as the dolls get more realistic, the line gets blurrier. Add in an AI personality, and now the line’s so ill-defined that it’s hard to tell it even exists.

In doing so, the sex doll also blurs the line between reality and fantasy, real relationships and simulated ones.

While I’m pretty sexually open, sex dolls have always seemed rather fucked up to me. I have no problem with a tool to aid self-satisfaction, but when it’s crafted to completely replicate a person, I get concerned.

Human beings need human contact. Period. Not fantasies, not simulations, not a latex lover. We need real, human touch. It’s funny and fascinating that our bodies can, in fact, discern the difference between human touch and non-human touch, and that it reacts differently to human touch. You might not notice it, but on a biochemical level, your body reacts to human touch. That basic element of touch relieves stress and improves our immune systems.

We’ve all heard the stories in psych classes about children deprived of human touch while growing up. They suffer from stunted growth and development. They are socially inept and withdrawn. They are in poor health. New parents are counseled to spend time with their children, holding them and bonding with them. This is because human touch is so vital to our beings.

In the end, I guess, we all just need to be loved. And touch is one of the strongest ways to convey affection.

I guess that’s why I dislike sex dolls. They have the ability to remove real human contact from the sexual equation. I mean, sure, we all masturbate. I think that’s not only fine, but important. You become more comfortable with yourself, your body, and your own desires when you learn to pleasure yourself. But I would never suggest that you replace sex with an actual, human partner with masturbation. And that includes sex dolls.

See, if you are purchasing a sex doll, if you are really paying that much money for one of the higher-end, life-like models, you are engaging in a form of wish fulfillment. You are working to make your fantasies as real as possible. More than likely, you are a fantasy prone personality (FPP). In 1981, Wilson and Barber identified the FPP as people who not only lead a rich fantasy life but seem to blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Most of the time, they either retreat into a fantasy world to cope with their loneliness, or they manufacture their loneliness because they prefer their fantasy life to interacting with others.

Either way, FPPs are not interacting with reality in a healthy way. Sex dolls only serve to heighten that gap between their imagined reality and true reality. In this case, sex dolls are more than just sex tools- they take on personalities. They become equal to real people in the eyes of their owners.

And when your “relationship” is chilling in the Uncanny Valley, you know you have a problem…


To wrap this up, I’m going to share with you the story of the one time I went on an adventure to purchase a sex doll.

You heard me.

During the fall of last year, Cricket needed a “body” for his play. Despite the fact that one of his actresses was probably small enough to fit the bill, he was too uncomfortable asking her to fill the role, since she was sensitive about her height. So, we needed a viable substitute.

And that’s when someone had the brilliant idea of buying a sex doll.

So, Cricket, Chrissy, and I piled into Chrissy’s car and drove into Lansing to the nearest sex shop (which I’d been to once before with Grix… weirdly enough, it’s also the closest one I ever found to the MSU campus… you’d think they’d try to get space in EL).

It may or may not surprise you to know that this shop is not dimly-lit or seedy in the slightest. It’s a brightly lit little shop, with mannequins decked out in tasteful lingerie and swimwear in the window. Inside, the white walls and floors are broken up by an array of colorful costumes, naughty underwear, and wigs. As you head to the back half of the store, the clothing bleeds into videos, dildos, vibrators, whips… the whole shebang.

Cricket practically bounds into the place, with Chrissy and I on his heels. He’s such a tiny guy that he almost looks like a child, excitedly scanning the shelves for the sex dolls.

In my mind, I can’t help but be reminded of him describing his sex life to the rest of the Players staff the year previous, when he told us about all the “kinky heterosexual sex” he had on a regular basis.

Between that and his bouncy gait, I had a hard time stifling my giggles.

The girl behind the counter, while as jaded as most sex shop workers, couldn’t help but frown slightly when she saw Cricket go past. I noticed this out of the corner of my eye, my lips twitching even higher into a grin, but I continued past without comment.

We finally locate the little section devoted to sex dolls, and while Chrissy and I discuss the obvious flaws in purchasing an inflatable male sex doll (I mean, really, how can inflat-o-dick be pleasurable?), Cricket was selecting his strumpet.

If I remember correctly, the final model was named Hannah. With the blond helmet of “hair” printed onto her head and her gaping, perfectly round mouth, Hannah was one classy dame. Chuckling behind him, I follow Cricket over to the counter, where the three of us try to appear nonchalant as we purchase the sex doll.

For the record, that’s pretty much impossible to do.

And, while we giggled like preteens as we pulled out the deflated, nude doll in the car, I’m pretty sure “Hannah” only got weirder when they dressed “her” in men’s clothing and slapped that horrid red wig on her (the same wig, incidentally, that I had worn during the cross-dressing song-and-dance number in CHoAA as a freshman).

She started leaking air during the show, and we kept having to patch her back together. Frankly, I have no idea how she could survive a hard fuckin’ if she couldn’t even handle being onstage for a few nights.

I mean, who ever heard of a sex doll with performance anxiety?

One response to “Meet Roxxxy, the $7000 Masturbatory Aid: A Post About Sex Dolls Through the Ages

  1. Roxxxy looks like she’s just seen the ghost of Hitler in that picture (the company that ‘sculpted’ her realized she was supposed to look sexy, not stupefied, right?)

    About the only pro I can see for these things is they could help with population control; the downside there is that the average household income in the countries that would need it the most is far too low for any their citizens to even contemplate buying one, and in the places where they will probably get used the most — notably Japan — they’re already dying out from lack of babies.

    So, overall, yeah, not great (for the reasons you mentioned as well).

    If there still weren’t so many stigmas and misunderstanding about sex, maybe people could start having more sex with more actual real people instead of getting so excited about these dolls (pun intended).

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