Erotic Haiku: Making Poetry Sexy Again

I really enjoyed Steve Mount’s collection of erotic haiku, so I figured I’d share with you, dear galleons.

in her sleep she moves
her leg brushes against mine
I feel myself rise

hard edges leave lines
rising high on her soft thighs
a path to pleasure

white cotton stretches
a triangle hiding her
darkened by moist flesh

tightly her legs close
her refusal enticing
breathlessly I plea

a wet explorer
seeking new taste and texture
eyes find each other

my tongue in her folds
I drink in her warm wetness
her hand on my head

wrapped in soft pink silk
comfortable warmth engulfs
sighing, I submit

hard flesh meets soft flesh
electric arcs of pleasure
in the dark, a cry

sweat dampens our sheets
your soft body and warm breath
echo in my mind

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