Okay galleons, I love this image:

I do not know what the photographer intended with the image. I don’t even know who the photographer is- this came up in a Stumble for me the other day. What I do know is that this image is terribly evocative of some classic paintings of Danaë.

For those of you who don’t know, Danaë was the mother of Perseus (…you know, Greek hero, killed Medusa, saved Andromeda, had a shitty movie come out about him not too long ago). According to the myth of Danaë’s seduction, Zeus decided to forgo his barnyard ways (he came to Ledo as a swan and Europa as a bull) and transformed himself into a shower of golden rain.

And, by magic, Danaë had a bun in the oven.

Anyway, many painters have captured Danaë on canvas.





The first time I saw that photograph, I couldn’t help but think of the young woman as Danaë, reclined across her bed, asleep and unaware of what was about to happen to her.

Another thing that really drew me to this picture was the fact that it’s a truly artistic nude… and it’s in color. Too often, in order to make the distinction between porn and art, photographers opt for the black-and-white nudes. This has become almost a standard for nudes in the world of fine art- they are captured sans color.

However, this picture serves to remind us that, while working with nudes involves the photographer walking the often blurry line between art and pornography, the line isn’t drawn via chromatic choices.

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