The Fallen

The devil that you know
Is better
Than the one you don’t
And so it goes ~O+S

I don’t know if you’ve come across this bit of news, galleons, but I figured I’d share:

Early yesterday morning, 11 of the 13 people in an apartment in La Verriere, France jumped out of the second-story window because (get this):

They thought they had seen the devil.

Apparently, this is what happened:

The 13 people were all asleep in the apartment. Around 3 a.m., one of the men gets up, completely starkers, and goes to feed his crying child. The other residents proceed to flip the fuck out and think he’s Satan. They stab him in the hand with a kitchen knife, then bodily throw him out the door.

So now this guy is naked, bleeding, and locked out of his apartment. As he tries to force his way back in (perhaps to reclaim the scattered remnants of his dignity), the other occupants panic and jump out the fucking window.

It was only a second-story window, though, so nobody died. A couple kids were injured and there’s a 4-month-old in serious condition in the hospital.

Which begs the question: Did the baby’s parent grab the child and leap out the window with it in their arms, or did they just lob the baby out the window in their moment of irrational panic?


When I first glanced at the title of the article (11 jump, panicked by ‘devil’ sighting), I was hoping it was going to detail 11 separate cases of insane suicides that happened in one night. You know, a little Bulgakovian goodness for the Halloween season.

However, I have decided the actual story was better.

People are fucking stupid.

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