“Blue and Evil” Joe Bonamassa

Usually, when I post a song here, I hope you listen to it, my dear galleons. Why else would I post it, right? However, this time I’m all but begging you to give this one a try.

If you don’t listen to Joe Bonamassa… well, fucking shame on you. He’s brilliant. Hands down my favorite blues rocker. The moment his fingers touch a guitar, you can’t help but think, “Sweet jesus, what else can that man do with his fingers?”

You know what I’m talking about. Mmm.

That being said, because I am (as you are all probably aware) incredibly bad at keeping up with musicians I like, the fact that he released a new album this year completely slipped past me.

Thankfully, this situation has been rectified, thanks to the fortuitous posting of this song by a friend of mine on his Facebook page. Not only do I now own Black Rock, but I feel the need to share this particular track with all of you. Because, frankly, this song is just that goddamn amazing.


Real posts will resume tomorrow. So, you know, more sex and science. They tend to be my favorite topics.

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