The Hewlett Snackard 2100

Ah, Cornell.

Cornell University, nestled atop one of Ithaca, New York’s two large hills, surrounded by verdant foliage and beautiful (albeit dangerous) gorges:

As an aside, I would also like to note that Cornell is home to the coolest on-campus student bookstore EVAR:


It’s hard to tell, but this is the front of the lovely green hillock from the first picture. That’s right- the bookstore is built underneath the little hill.

Cornell holds many a fond memory for me from that hazy summer of my junior year of high school. Thus, when exciting news comes out of the university… I tend to perk up even more than usual.

Today’s news does, in fact, come from the hallowed halls of Cornell herself. In the university’s computational synthesis lab, the latest and greatest in food/tech fusion has emerged.

Behold, a tiny scallop-and-cheese space shuttle created by a 3-D printer:

That’s right. This little culinary delight was created by a souped-up (Get it? Souped up? I’m hilarious) three-dimensional printer created by a combination of a high-tech Cornell team and New York’s French Culinary Institute.

Cornell’s team has created specialized software that uses complex geometries to create edible treats even the most skilled chefs would have a difficult time replicating by hand. Their special printer allows chefs to create pureed ingredient pastes which can be layered onto one another via extruding heads, similar to conventional rapid prototyping machines. By using their software, chefs and engineers can collaborate to design complex structures that can then be printed, brought into existence just like your English midterm paper is in the campus computer lab at 3 in the morning the day it’s due.

Thus far, our intrepid food designers have printed with cheese, chocolate, hummus, turkey, celery, and scallops, to name just a few ingredients.

The future is here. Forget capsule meals. Printable dinners are where it’s at.

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