“Secret Oath” The Spill Canvas

I’m rackin’ my brain
Trying to comprehend
How, for some unknown reason, our status will remain as friends
I’m destroying my mind
Trying to understand how with little to no effort
You’ve got me eating out of the palms of your hands

We’re murdering our lives
Trying to make it work
But you and I both know that we are a lost cause
And nothing more than specks on this Earth

There was not a single spark
When my lips landed on yours in the dark
But regardless of what happens next
You’re my beloved, you just don’t know it yet

Tonight I made a secret oath
To keep chasing after you
And I am not going to stop
Whether you like it or not

Yeah, I know you listen to this all alone up in your room
I know you love how all this music’s about you

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