Eye Candy: Television Edition

Galleons, one of my favorite television programs recently started up again. Eureka. It’s a bit silly, rather geeky, and ultimately entertaining, much as I find The Big Bang Theory to be. It’s about a town of scientists who seem to constantly be creating catastrophe after impending Armageddon- because serious science has serious risks, yo.

This season (well, the second half of season 4, I guess), Wil Wheaton’s character is returning, and Felicia Day is joining the cast, so it’s a bit of a nerdgasm happening every Monday night. Which pleases me.

However, while I enjoy the show itself immensely, I find I watch it for another reason as well- Niall Matter. I mean, just look at him:

He's almost devastatingly pretty, no?

He plays a brilliant, mischievous, bad boy computer hacker/particle physicist. Now I ask you, sweet galleons… how am I not supposed to have a giant lady boner for him?

I’ll even forgive him for being Canadian.

As a bonus… two sexy gentlemen in one photo (I fucking love Eureka):

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