So, galleons, I saw an article today that caused a cold shiver to run down my spine.

Apparently, up in the Beaufort Sea, a female polar bear swam for a record-breaking 9 straight days. She traveled 426 miles in an attempt to reach land (shrinking sea ice is causing these momma bears to travel further and further with their cubs to reach land), with her new cub dying somewhere en route.

Which is cold comfort, because now this tough-bitch bear is pissed at having lost her cub and has proven her ability to tackle epic journeys, meaning I will not have a peaceful sleep again until these damn bears are extinct:

I'm a-comin' for ya, wench.

And she’s not the only such bear to undergo a northern odyssey (odyssea, perhaps? I know, I know- smack me later). Another lady bear traveled for more than 12 days, but she found places to rest along the way, so she didn’t manage to snag the record.

Either way, I don’t care- these bears are getting tougher. And that means the cubs that manage to survive these grueling excursions are also tougher, meaning polar bears are going to become stronger and stronger as the years go on. If the strongest are the only ones surviving, what do you think is going to happen, evolutionarily-speaking?

I shudder to think.