Whimsy, With a Dash of Science

On the uncertainty principle:

An electron is sure hard to please.
When spread out, it sometimes will freeze.
Though agoraphobic,
It’s still claustrophobic,
And runs off when put in a squeeze.


On the cosmological constant:

Though Einstein’s equations were firm,
There was one thing that did make him squirm.
A cosmos expandable
Was not understandable,
So he tacked on that ill-fated term.


Elemental humor (while not a limerick, it made me chuckle):

You Pb me to believe he’s dead;
I Zn he won’t survive.
Ba in the ground, you fool,
Do you Zn he’s still alive?


On the anomalous Zeeman effect:

The famed mathematiker Riemann
Shared manifold cocktails with Zeeman.
Their degenerate state
Split in six. (They saw eight.)
How anamolous can spectra be, Mon.


Some electrical fun:

Miss Farad was pretty and sensual
And charged to a reckless potential;
But a rascal named Ohm
Conducted her home –
Her decline was, alas, exponential.


On annihilation:

An electron, while trav’ling in space,
Met a positron there “face-to-face.”
The electron then sighed,
At the sight of his bride
And they “died” in a loving embrace.


…Okay, I think I’m done now.

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