The Sexual Aquarium

As I was perusing sex toys this morning (as I am wont to do), I came to a realization:

A ridiculous amount of sex toys look like aquatic life.

And so I started thinking that, instead of keeping our sex toys all hidden away in underwear drawers (…totally not where mine hide), bedside tables, and boxes in the tops of our closets, we should instead be displaying them in well-lit aquariums.

Come galleons, let’s play a little game.


So… is this a little pink vibrator

Or a little pink fish?


Is this a blue device for double penetration

Or a bright blue jellyfish?


Is this a red male masturbator

Or a red sea anemone?


Is this a three-pronged purple fuckstick

Or a multi-limbed purple octopus?


Is this an oddly shaped pink bubble vibe

Or a frothy pink coral?


And finally…

Is this a sexy blue tickler

Or an awesome blue sea slug?


Am I the only one seeing this?!

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