The Burninator Levels Up

Galleons, while I like to believe you are all smart enough to take precautions to avoid getting a fucking STI… there are a shitload of people out there who aren’t.

This is for them.

Gonorrhea is a burning bitch of an STI, one that can (if untreated) lead to horrid, painful inflammation of pelvic regions and can spread to joints and heart valves.

But hell, pop some cefixime and you’ll be good to go in no time. Right?


I mean, sure. That’s how it used to work. Before gonorrhea fucking evolved like a trainer used a Fire Stone on it.

The Health Protection Agency over in Britland announced that good ol’ cefixime is no longer an effective treatment for gonorrhea, as the disease is now developing a rapidly increasing resistance to it. Which isn’t to say that it’s currently untreatable (many doctors are switching to two other antibiotics), but health officials worry that it’s only a matter of time before gonorrhea becomes untreatable.

See, this isn’t the first time the disease has developed a resistance to the antibiotic being used to treat it (hell, it’s been through a lengthy list of antibiotics, including penicillin, tetracycline and fluoroquinolones). Unfortunately, as gonorrhea thwarts antibiotic after antibiotic… we start to run out of fucking antibiotics to throw at this thing. There are currently very few that are effective, and now its upped its resistance threshold yet again.

Yes, gonorrhea is the velociraptor of STIs.

According to Cathy Ison of the HPA:

Our lab tests have shown a dramatic reduction in the sensitivity of the drug we were using as the main treatment for gonorrhoea [yes, the whimsical British vowel fairies strike again]. This presents the very real threat of untreatable gonorrhoea in the future.

We were so worried by the results we were seeing that we recommended that guidelines on the treatment of gonorrhoea were revised in May this year, to recommend a more effective drug.

But this won’t solve the problem, as history tells us that resistance to this therapy will develop too. In the absence of any new alternative treatments for when this happens, we will face a situation where gonorrhoea cannot be cured.

…For the record, every instance where I wrote the word gonorrhea, I pronounced it like this in my head:

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